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Participant Agreement

In addition to the Registration Application, we ask that you please read the Participant Agreement carefully and in its entirety. At the end of the page, please provide your electronic signature.

Once the Registration Application and Participant Agreement are received, we will send you a confirmation email within 3 business days.


Participant Agreement - EMDR Interweaves

  • Each training participant must thoroughly and carefully read, understand, and agree to the following:

    1. All participants in an Advanced EMDR Training must have successfully completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training in EMDR Therapy.

    2. All participants must be licensed to independently practice psychotherapy in a discipline recognized by EMDRIA. Or, if not licensed, participants must: have completed masters level coursework in a mental health or related discipline recognized by EMDRIA; currently be in a licensing track; and be supervised by a licensed clinician who endorses 1) their participation in the EMDR Training, and 2) integration of EMDR Therapy into their clinical practice.

    3. A component of the training involves practice exercises in small groups and/or dyads, and under the supervision of the instructor or a qualified staff member. These practice experiences are for training purposes only and not for personal therapy. All participants should be prepared to fully participate in practice exercises to the best of their ability and with a positive, collaborative mindset.

    4. Participants are expected to maintain a spirit of cooperation and mutual support for all members of the training. Participants who are disruptive to the training will be given one warning by the instructor or staff, and will be dismissed without refund if there is a recurrence. Splitting and conflict-generating behavior will not be tolerated. The instructor or staff has the right to dismiss anyone who is disruptive from the training at any time and without refund.

    5. In order to assure confidentiality of personal and clinical information, under no circumstances may any portion of this training be recorded or distributed. It is expected that all participants shall maintain the highest ethical standards of confidentiality regarding all personal and clinical information shared by others in this training. Failure to maintain confidentiality shall be treated as a professional ethics issue and may result in immediate dismissal from the training program without refund.

    6. Attendance policy: In order to receive a certificate of completion for this training, participants must attend the training in its entirely and actively participate in all supervised practice exercises. Those who attend this workshop in full, and complete all the appropriate evaluation forms, are eligible to receive CE credits, purchased separately. Those who join the training more than 15 minutes after the start time, or leave more than 15 minutes before the workshop is completed, will not be considered eligible to receive CE credits.

    7. Refund policy: tuition is refundable upon written request up to 30 days before the first day of training, less a $25 administration fee. Within 30 days of the training, a refund will be made, less a $50 administration fee. After the beginning of the training, no accommodations, refunds, or credits will be made for changes in personal, family, or business situations, including medical events.

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