EETC Mission and Philosophy


At EMDR Education and Training Center, we are in the business of developing the next generation of highly skilled and competent EMDR Therapists, because we believe that advancing the wider use of EMDR Therapy promotes exponentially greater outcomes of healing and wellness in the lives of clients and the communities in which they live.


At EETC, we are dedicated to delivering high quality, comprehensive training and consultation in EMDR Therapy to mental health professionals.

We accomplish this by focusing on the following core values:

Solid Foundation + Experiential Competency

We strive to deliver thorough and rigorous programs aimed at graduating clinicians with a solid understanding of theory, as well as a strong experiential competency in EMDR treatment protocols.

Excellence + Integrity

We want our work to be impactful.  To realize this goal, we employ a team of knowledgeable, creative, engaging, and all-around-awesome consultants to guide participants as they grow in their comprehension and application of EMDR Therapy — not just in theory, but in practice.

Improvement + Growth

While we are proud of the work that we do at EETC, we are dedicated to continuous improvement of our programs and services.  Our passion for innovation and growth means that we are committed to offering participants the best in EMDR training and consultation services.

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