Pre-Licensed Instructions

Pre-Licensed Instructions

Pre-Licensed Eligibility & Discount Instructions

The Pre-Licensed discount is intended for Clinicians who are not yet licensed for independent practice and provide evidence of the following:

1.  Meet EMDRIA eligibility requirements

2.  Have an appropriate, supervised clinical setting

3.  Are in the process of working toward licensure and independent clinical practice

To establish that you meet the above criteria, please submit the indicated two (or three, if applicable) letters with your application:

  1. A letter, written by you, in which you describe your current practice situation. Please include the following in your letter:
    1. a description of your current practice setting
    2. a description of the kinds of clinical problems and clients with whom you currently work
    3. the number of clients you see in on-going psychotherapy
    4. the frequency of therapy sessions with these clients
    5. a description of the therapy methods or approaches you currently use
    6. the license you are pursuing
    7. an anticipated or estimated date when you plan to achieve licensure
  2. A letter, on letterhead stationery, from your licensed clinical supervisor. The supervisor letter should include the following:
    1. the clinical supervisor’s license type and number
    2. verification that the applicant maintains an active psychotherapy practice under the clinical supervisor’s supervision, which includes clients with trauma-related disorders
    3. verification of the applicant’s eligibility and intent to seek licensure
    4. a statement of support for the applicant’s participation in the EMDR Basic Training offered by EMDR Education and Training Center
    5. acknowledgement that: 1) EMDR Education and Training Center and its staff will be providing consultation services only, and are not entering into a clinical supervision role for any of the services you provide at your supervised internship setting; and 2) that the clinical supervisor signing the letter retains sole legal and professional oversight for the nature and appropriateness of all psychotherapy services provided by you in your supervised setting
  3. If you have a management supervisor that is not your clinical supervisor, you must also submit a letter from your management supervisor. This third letter must be signed, on letterhead stationery, and contain confirmation of all five items (a-e) from the above listed clinical supervisor letter.

Important: Clinicians who have completed or are enrolled in a program in Art Therapy or Drug and Alcohol Counseling must submit detailed information to EMDRIA about their program in order to determine eligibility. If EMDRIA approves your education and licensure status, please submit approval documentation from EMDRIA with your application.

Sample Supervisor Letter

Dear EMDR Education and Training Center;

I am a licensed (license type) at (company/agency name) and clinical supervisor for (participant name). (participant name) is an(AMFT, etc.) (intern, psych assistant, etc.) and is currently working toward licensure. (participant name) works full-time ____ hours at our agency. (participant name) provides therapy to individuals at our agency with trauma-related disorders.

I recommend and support (participant name) for basic training in EMDR therapy. I support (participant name) participation in the basic training in EMDR therapy offered by EMDR Education and Training Center (EETC). I understand that EETC and its staff will be providing consultation services only and will not be entering into a clinical supervision role. I retain sole legal and professional oversight for the appropriateness of all psychotherapy services provided by (participant name) at this setting.

Important: letter must be on company/agency letterhead, dated, and signed by supervisor.